iPhone 11 release – Five key updates and new features every Apple fan should know

APPLE’S new iPhone 11 could be unleashed on the world soon and here’s our guide to five of the most important updates that may be coming to this phone.

The excitement around the new iPhone 11 continues to grow with Apple fans expecting some big news very soon.

This could be another major release for the US firm with some big new features likely to be tucked inside this next-generation smartphone.

So, if you are a fan of all things Apple here’s five key things you should know.

Apple usually unveils its latest and greatest devices in September and there’s nothing to suggest that things won’t be the same in 2019.

If the US firm follows its usual launch cycle we should see the next generation smartphone revealed in a matter of week with Express.co.uk predicting the iPhone 11 will be unveiled on September 10 – You can our reasons behind this date here.

To back up our prediction, a post from iHelp BR has also claimed Apple’s latest iOS 13 beta contains an asset that suggests this could indeed be when the firm’s newest batch of smartphones will be revealed to the world.

The outlet posted an image from the beta build that had text reading “HoldForRelease” attached to it.

Moreover, the photo showed an iPhone home screen with September 10 listed on its calendar – as noted by The Verge, Apple has previously used similar images during the setup process of new iPhones.

APPLE COULD BRING A TRIPLE CAMERA • It’s probably the biggest the new feature coming to the iPhone 11 and one that may prove hugely popular.

A triple rear camera looks almost certain to grace the rear case of this flagship phone with it providing users with a swathe of bonus photography tricks.

It’s thought this trio of snappers will offer improved zoom and the added bonus of a wide-angle lens.

Apple may also follow Google and Huawei with the inclusion of much better low light photography.

Along with the flagship device getting a boost to its camera, it’s also thought that the entry-level iPhone XR will get an upgrade with two cameras arriving on the back of this phone.

This could help improve its portrait mode which currently only works with faces and not objects.


There’s no official confirmation about what their new smartphone will be called.

However, most people expect this device to be called the iPhone 11.

Now a new rumour via a case maker may shed more light on what is to come from the US technology firm.

A leaked image from ESR, via iPhonesoft, states that the new range will include an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If true, it means Apple may be ditching the current iPhone XR naming for its entry-level devices.

Although this has not yet been confirmed, ESR is a respected brand that sells cases on platforms including Amazon.

This document also shows images of how the cases will look with the standard iPhone 11 likely to get a dual-lens camera and the 11 Pro and Pro Max both getting that triple snapper.

DON’T EXPECT 5G • 5G is clearly the future of smartphones but don’t expect Apple to announce anything next month.

Most experts are claiming that an iPhone 5G won’t appear in stores until at least 2020 and that does make some sense.

Although most UK networks are switching on this technology it’s a long way being fully accessible to consumers.

Some big cities have limited 5G access but a nationwide rollout isn’t expected for a few years.

Apple may throw in a surprise and launch a 5G version of its iPhone but don’t hold your breath.

EVERYTHING ELSE THAT COULD BE NEW • It’s likely we’ll get all the usual changes coming to the iPhone 11 including a fast processor, better display and improved battery life.

One more rumour is that Apple is planning to include reverse wireless charging on this new phone which will allow it to refill other phones and accessories simply by touching them.