Apex Legends Forum Becomes Heated as Developer Calls Toxic Community Members ‘A**-hats’

It’s been a tough week for Apex Legends, and an even tougher week for its development team, following strong player backlash during the game’s Iron Crown special event. After making some significant changes to how players could earn the new (and prohibitively expensive) legendary skins included in the event, Respawn took a moment to apologize for how it structured the event. A part of that process of making good appears to be reaching out to the Apex Legends subreddit, where things quickly heated up into verbal sparring between at least one Respawn developer and players.

The Reddit thread began innocently enough on Saturday, as a detailed description of how Respawn was restructuring the Iron Crown event, as well as future events. A Respawn developer by the username of “dko5” led the charge, saying that Respawn needed to be better about communicating to its community so players aren’t caught off guard by the methods the free-to-play battle royale game makes its money.

Many of the comments from Reddit users inquired about the initial decision-making process to make the Iron Crown event’s loot boxes prohibitively expensive, with some demonstrating no small amount of anger at EA and Respawn.

“Remember to not start s****** their d****, they probably planned this,” wrote one user, referring to Respawn’s reversal on the Iron Crown event’s loot box pricing issue.

“Hell no,” responded dko5. “We’re humans, you know, and we will make mistakes.”

Things continued to only get more heated from there. Dko5 continued to explain how Respawn strives to not make Apex Legends a game where players can pay more money to earn game-breaking advantages, but balances that with the reality of Respawn needing to make money off of its product.